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We offer our South African clientele a selection of exclusive Designer Italian Wallets, Purses and Card Holders which are both stylish and functional.

Wallets, Purses & Card Holders

Browse our range of Italian Wallets, Purses and Card Holders and discover stylish designs which have been expertly crafted to offer our discerning Campo Marzio customers style and functionality which will last a lifetime. Every one of the items you will find on this page and in our stores situated in Cape Town and Johannesburg is made using only the very best natural or man-made materials to create a beautiful, long-lasting and stylish addition to your pocket or handbag.

Buy Wallets Online or In-store

Our full range of fashionable Purses, Wallets, Business Card Holders, Credit Card Holders, and Passport Covers, as well as Travel Wallets are available to purchase both online and in-store. The impressive Campo Marzio catalogue includes Wallets, Card Holders and Purses for both men and women in the following styles:

  • Card Purses
  • Purses With Shoulder Strap
  • 6 Card Purses
  • Purses With a Wrist Strap
  • Card Holders With a Closing Tab Clasp
  • Card Holders With a Magnetic Clasp
  • Card Holders With an Elastic Strap
  • Horizontal Wallets
  • Card Holders With Pockets
  • 2 Card Wallets
  • Bifold Wallets
  • Wallets With a Change Pocket
  • Horizontal Card Holders
  • Slim Card Holders
  • Passport Holders

Find the right Handbag to go with one of our Purses, Wallets or Card Holders on our Fashion Handbags page to enhance the style effect of your exclusive Camp Marzio fashion items.

What To Look For in a Quality Purse or Wallet

When searching for the Best Wallets, Purses and Card Holders in South Africa there are a few things to keep in mind:

The Quality of the Item:

High-quality leather and faux leather Wallets, Purses and Card Holders will always have a peculiar ‘feel’ about them when being held. The quality of the material from which our products are crafted is some of the best in the world, and this contributes to their durability and ruggedness and not just the fashionable stylings of our products.

The Capacity of the Item:

Two of the sizing options for Wallets and Purses alike are slimline and spacious. You’ll always have to trade the one factor off for the other when deciding on the Capacity of Wallets, Purses and Card Holders. For this reason alone we suggest that you know what your needs are before purchasing a wallet. If you are not sure about what capacity it is you’re looking for when purchasing an Italian Wallet, Purse or Card Holder from us then please don’t hesitate to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff. If you are shopping online you can also contact us for advice.

The Size of the Item:

The Size of a Wallet, Purse or Card Holder boils down to a personal choice and is a totally subjective thing. For instance, a bigger wallet or purse might enable you to carry more, but its bulkiness might make it impractical for your needs. The reverse is also true because a smaller Wallet, Purse or Card Holder might not offer the carrying capacity you need.

The Craftsmanship Used to Create the Item:

Poor craftsmanship can completely overshadow just how good a Wallet, Purse or Card Holders Design is and will also take away from the item’s style and durability. Which is why our Campo Marzio Design Team in Italy take the utmost care when designing and crafting our legendary fashion items. We are dedicated to doing things right, and our attention to detail goes hand in hand with our understanding of global fashion trends to create Designer Wallets, Purses and Card Holders which are both functional and beautiful in equal measure.

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