Our designers carefully choose the right type of *leather best suited to its intended use and design to ultimately create a product of quality and consumer satisfaction. See some of the leathers and textures we use for our products:

Saffiano Textured Leather (Faux/Eco or Genuine Leather) (Prices of $-$$$$)

Some of our collections of products are made from textured saffiano leather, which is durable, practical and easy to wipe clean. But what is Saffiano Leather?


The way this leather is made is with a stamping method. The saffiano is a textured leather, meaning a treated leather, whereby a pattern or texture is pressed on the leather by machine, resulting in a cross-hatch finish, which is a special diagonal pattern. As a result, the leather is pretty much scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Saffiano can either come as faux or genuine leather.


The distinctive markings on this leather are a series of diagonal lines and cross-hatch designs that renders the leather resistant to stains, scratches and is also water repellent.


Product consistency, higher durability, extensive design options, more vibrant colours and water resistant.

Fashion houses

Many high-end fashion houses now use saffiano leather for it's many positive attributes. Prada is known for using saffiano for their fine leather goods.

What do we think?

It is exceptional leather for briefcases, handbags, totes and purses, etc. The list goes on! With its remarkable durability it also creates a vibrant, saturated colour, which is why we have chosen this leather production method. We say it's here to stay!

Pebble-grain Textured Leather (Faux/Eco or Genuine Natural Leather) (Prices of $$-$$$$)

Some of our collections of products are made from textured pebble-grain leather. The pebbled texture adds visual appeal while also making the leather more scratch and abrasion resistant.


The way this leather is made is by a stamping method. The pebble-grain is a textured leather, meaning a treated leather, whereby a pattern or texture is pressed on the leather by machine, resulting in a "pebble" finish. As a result, the leather is slightly bumpy with an elephant skin appearance that looks and feels gorgeously soft and tactile.

Pebble-grain can either come as faux or genuine leather.


The distinctive markings on this leather is raised, pebble-shaped patterns which is slightly bumpy with an elephant skin appearance.


Product consistency, higher durability, more vibrant and scratch ‘resistant'.

Fashion houses

Many high-end fashion houses now use pebble-grain leather due to its new found popularity and durability.

What do we think?

It is an exceptional leather for high-use items such as handbags & purses and the texture is just oh so gorgeous!

Eco-Leather (PU or Faux Leather) (Prices of $-$$$)

Eco-leatheras we call it at Campo Marzio, is the leather type we use for items that cannot be made from 100% genuine leather. Our Eco-leather has extensive design options, giving our designers more freedom to create complex products that would have otherwise had to be made form cheaper forms of materials such as plastic or nylon. Eco-leather is exactly what its name suggests: economical and ergonomical. Read more to find out about this leather type.


Eco-leather, is our term used for a high-tech, man-made upholstery material made as a layered structure of a thin fibre which is finished with a polyurethane coating, commonly known as Faux or PU leather. Our Eco-leather is not to be confused with naugahyde, genuine leather, bi-cast leather, other “pleather” or artificial leathers, vegan leather (plant based vegan leather) or plastic! Our Eco-leather goes through strict production and quality control cycles to create a product of lasting consistency.


Our Eco-leather is laminated with a colour polyurethane coating, which is embossed with a texture. This type of leather gives designers an extensive design option. Eco-leather also has the advantage of rendering the leather resistant to stains and water.

At Campo Marzio, our Eco-leather is embossed with a leather-like grain texture, pebble-grain or cross-stitched saffiano and the texture used is dependent on the collection.


All the leftover leather is used, thus being more economical, with little waste involved. Product consistency, extensive design options, more vibrant colours, durability, and a more economical affordable product are beneficial advantages.

Fashion houses

All high-end fashion houses use PU or a form of Eco-leather for its extensive design use. Its uses are generally for smaller, more complex designed items or to create products for sale at more affordable price points.

What do we think?

Eco-leather is  a suitable leather material for smaller more complex shaped products - this leather is more adaptable, therefore our designers are able to create more intricate items. Eco leather allows for more vibrant colours which is why we have chosen this material for some of our products. Without Eco-leather Campo Marzio cannot create some of its most beloved products in the array of beautiful colours -  a trademark of our brand.

Genuine Leather (Animal Derived Leather or Calf Hide) (Prices of $$$-$$$$$)

We use the best calf leather to give a consistent quality and finish to our genuine leather products.


The leather manufacturing process is divided into three fundamental sub-processes: preparatory stages, tanning, and crusting. We use the wet-blue tanning method to give our products its beautiful chosen colours.


At Campo Marzio, our genuine leather markings or textures could be smooth, natural-grain, embossed pebble-grain or cross-stitched saffiano. The texture used will be dependent on the collection category.


Durability, creates a patina, lasts for years to come, extremely pliable and unique.

Fashion houses

All fashion houses use leather in some form or another, from shoes, jackets and bags.

What do we think?

We stay true to Italian culture and use the best calf leathers available to provide products of quality and beauty.

What you need to know

Our Campo Marzio​ animal-hide leather made products could be made of Primo-Fiore full-grain ($$$$$), Napa top-grain ($$$$) or genuine leather ($$$) and there is generally a price difference between the same product made with different quality leathers. If you specifically need to know the natural leather used for a product and it is not mentioned on this site, then kindly contact us.

See below images of some of our leather and textures used at Campo Marzio.


We define the word “Leather" as products made of genuine calf OR man-made (faux/Eco) leathers. Leather does not necessarily refer to animal derived hides only and faux or man-made materials representing or imitating leather may also be called “Leather” by our brand and on this site. On this site the words "Eco-Leather" will refer to faux or PU leather and "Genuine Leather" will refer to calf hide (animal derived).

We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that descriptions or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered is itself not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition by following our Returns Policy.

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