Est. 1933. The Italian Business Fashion Accessories Boutique.

CAMPO MARZIO Shop um7, Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, 6th Road, Johannesburg, South Africa 2196

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About Us

Campo Marzio, Est. 1933 Rome

Campo Marzio is a brand that bridges the gap between fashion and the stationery industry with its colourful stylish pens, Italian leather goods and bespoke accessories. It understands the ever changing world we live in and the demand for one of a kind products, combining the unique blend of craft, design, tradition, colour and trend into its collections. Campo Marzio utilises the finest leathers and materials to make outstanding products for today’s stylish individuals.

Originally begun in the 1930s as a shop (bottega) to specialise in the manufacturing of unique and uncommon fountain pens, today, through many years of tradition and loyal followers, Campo Marzio was redefined into a strong brand concept offering an effective combination of craft and design, tradition and trend in a modern world.

Campo Marzio products are both stylish and functional, wonderfully colourful and surprisingly affordable.

86 years of Italian design and Craftsmanship
  • 1933: The first Campo Marzio small “Bottega” opened in the heart of Rome in the district known as Campo Marzio and was instantly embraced by nobles, politicians and artists as the place for fine workmanship and unique writing instruments.

  • 1990: Building on our rich heritage of writing; we broadened our product line at Campo Marzio to include a vast array of brightly coloured leather accessories for business, home, and travel.

  • 2000: To celebrate the Jubilee of the Catholic Church, Campo Marzio was commissioned to create a special collection of rare and precious fountain pens for the Vatican Museums and the Pope – launching the brand onto the world stage.

  • 2006: Campo Marzio expanded to an international level throughout Asia, America and Europe.

  • 2008: Campo Marzio opened its first store in Africa in the trendy Cape Quarter of Cape Town.

  • 2011: The brand expanded its offering in high-end department stores such as Galleries Lafayette in Paris.

  • 2012: The brand’s popularity rose in South Africa and Campo Marzio decided to join the exclusive tenant mix of Hyde Park Corner.

  • 2013: With our eightieth birthday, Campo Marzio (Design) rebranded and transformed into Campo Marzio (Rome 1933) with a new logo focusing on smaller more luxurious collections of products ranging from leather accessories to bespoke pens, updated seasonally with new colours and designs.

  • Today: We’re still located in Rome’s 4th rione on the Via di Campo Marzio, and our colourful signature collections can be found in over 50 monobrand boutiques and over 400 corner stores. Whether in Rome, London, Venice, Paris, Tokyo or Johannesburg, you’ll find a warm welcome to the vibrant colourful world of Campo Marzio.

Our collections and colours are updated seasonally and we have a large variety of limited edition items ranging from Made in Italy bags, candles, jewel boxes, charms, to desk lamps — join our social media platforms to stay updated with the latest information.

More about Campo Marzio and our Italian heritage can be found here.