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With a collection of both Leather and Faux Leather Handbags, we at Campo Marzio offer our discerning clientele stylish Fashionable Handbag options.

Fashionable Italian Handbags

An Italian Fashion Handbag from Campo Marzio is the perfect mix of modern, vintage and high-quality style! No matter if you’re selecting an item from either our Leather or Faux Leather Handbag Collections you’re guaranteed an Italian designed product which is crafted to provide durability, convenience and beauty.

Each one of our Fashionable Italian Handbags is exclusive to Campo Marzio and is made using only the very best materials under the guidance of our Italian design team in Rome. We take great care while crafting our handbags, and consider each step of the process to ensure you will always be proud to have a Camp Marzio Handbag on your arm.

Italian Handbags in South Africa

A Handbag is an integral part of any woman’s fashion arsenal, but it also needs to be functional which is why our Italian Handbags in South Africa are available in numerous sizes and styles. These Fashion Handbags are not massed produced items, but carefully crafted fashion accessories which come in a selection of vibrant colours which are on-trend both here in South Africa and the fashion capitals of the world.

We also stock both Leather Handbags and Faux Leather Handbags in a range of popular styles, including:

  • Double Tote Bag
  • Backpack
  • Mini Handbag
  • Clutch Handbag
  • Trousse Handbag
  • Bucket Handbag

Add to the allure of our Italian Fashion Handbags when you compliment it with one of our attractive Wallets or Card Holders.

Leather Handbag or Faux Leather Handbag?

When looking to invest in a Quality Handbag there is one question which is often asked of us, and that is “which is better, a Leather or a Faux Leather Handbag?” At the end of the day only you can decide which is best for your needs, but to assist you with making the correct decision we have highlighted the difference in their features bellow:

Comfort and Feel:

Genuine leather is a natural material and is breathable, flexible and malleable. Faux leather however can be rigid. The biggest difference between the two materials in this respect is the fact that real leather will soften over time while faux leather will not.

Visual Appeal:

Faux leather is extremely versatile and can be found in a much wider range of colours, finishes and patterns than its real leather counterpart. Leather, however, offers a refined look which is impossible to emulate, and the distinctive smell of leather ads to its impressive visual effect.


One of the biggest differences between Faux Leather Handbags and Leather Handbags is the way that they feel.

Learn more about Campo Marzio’s Leathers & Textures here.

Handbags in Cape Town and Johannesburg

It has been said that beauty fades over time, but our Campo Marzio Fashion Handbags and Backpacks are proof that this is now always true! All of our expertly crafted leather products are made to age with beauty while our Faux Leather Handbags will retain their lustre and appeal for years to come. Come and visit us in one of our exclusive stores in Cape Town or Johannesburg and fall in love with our impressive range of Italian Fashion Handbags.

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