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Choosing a Gift For That One Friend Who Has Everything

Choosing gifts can be difficult. There is the thoughtfulness, appropriateness, care, presentation and element of surprise which are all at play. During this act of picking a gift for a loved one, friend, relative or excellent host, we experience the quiet tug-of-war between many of these emotions, as we weigh up the most important sentiment that we wish to impart.

Next, add That One Friend into the mix. That One Friend is a person who, quite simply, seems to have everything they need or want already. If you have encountered, know or have heard of That One Friend who has everything, then you will know how this venture into gift-giving can become even more stressful, and most of all, directionless.

So without further adieu, these are our best gifts to choose for That One Friend who has everything:

Our Large Jewel Case in Grey is the perfect combination of sentimentality, luxury and versatility. Equally, our smaller Traveling Cases are the perfect spoil for That One Friend who has everything, because they can store their “everythings” in a magnificent holder. With a brushed lining and several compartments, these pieces can be adorned with their most loved trinkets, gems and keepsakes.

We love to see how you style our Campo Marzio pieces. Tag us in your Instagram posts @campomarzio_sa and use #campomarzio in your comment.


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